"Would recommend Paul for driving lessons anyday - he doesn't only have an amazing ability with teaching people how to drive, but he is also funny, friendly and definitely makes driving lessons something to look forward to! He gave me alot of confidence with my driving, and helped me through everything from beginning to end. No matter how many times I said 'I can't', he would always show me I could! He made me feel at ease with my test - letting me sit mock tests as many times as I needed leading up to my test; not only helping me to see what the test would be like, but to show myself that I truly could pass. Thank you Paul - not only a fab driving instructor, but has become a fab friend too!" - Sarah Liston


"At 28 years old, I had let nerves get the better of me and resigned myself to being the annoying friend who couldn’t drive and needed a lift everywhere. The very prospect of getting behind a wheel brought me out in cold sweats as my vivid imagination foresaw calamity and disaster at every junction. However, when I found out I was going to be a mummy, I recognised that driving would be a huge benefit to me, to my child and my long suffering husband. Finding the right instructor was going to be crucial and short of putting an advert in the local paper saying ‘nervous wreck requires patient, kindly, miracle-worker with good sense of humour’ I didn’t know how I was ever going to find the right person for the job. Fortunately, a chance comment led to a glowing personal recommendation which inspired me with confidence. I was not disappointed. Paul Ernest has the most calming, confidence-building, and motivating approach mixed with a wonderful sense of fun which immediately puts any learner driver at ease. Two weeks before my baby was born I passed my driving test first time, all credit to Paul’s ability to make me believe that I could do it combined with his uncomplicated approach to teaching driving skills. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective learner driver. If Paul managed to get me through my test, he can get anyone through!" - Claudia Oke 

Paul Ernest - Driving Instructor - Bideford, Barnstaple, Braunton, Ilfracombe

Tel - 07748305568

Website -  www.paulernest.co.uk


"I was really nervous in my first lesson but Paul put me at ease and helped me relax making the experience a lot more enjoyable. A few weeks before my test i panicked as i failed my mock driving test, so every week we would complete a series of mock tests to improve and refine my skills until my test which i passed first time gaining only one minor. I am glad he was my driving instructor as i deeply enjoyed my lessons and believe that his friendly, laid back manner was what helped me to learn to drive and pass my test" - Aimee Nash


"Paul is a fantastic instructor, He made me feel confident in my own abilities and I feel that he taught me to be a safe driver. He was very friendly which made my lessons even more enjoyable" - Rebecca Orbidans


"I really enjoyed my lessons with Paul. I found them fun yet informative and clear. I felt confident when driving with him and i never felt under pressure or nervous. I was very pleased when I passed first time and i believe the success of his students goes to prove that he is an excellent Instructor" - Emily Patterson


"Paul's driving lessons were great fun and the manoeuvres were made simple to understand and taught with lots of humour :) Actually missed the lessons after I passed" -  Martyn Kirby 

"After my first lesson with Paul I knew learning to drive would be brilliant. Paul is a fantastic teacher with a great deal of patience, organisation, skill, knowledge and a brilliant sense of humour. I looked forward to my lessons every week. Paul made every effort to make lessons flexible and convenient even if it meant a 6am start. His 100% pass rate in Exeter during 2009 was a credit to BSM. I have recommended before and will continue to do so" - Cressida Peers 

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